Home Made Wind Energy

If you’re looking for a great way to save some money while helping out the environment you can use wind energy and you can make everything you need right at home.

In order to use the power of the wind you’ll need a way to convert that energy into electricity. To do that you’ll need a wind turbine.

Wind turbines have come a long way. You’ve probably seen the huge wind turbines taking up acres and acres of land.

The good news is that the technology that makes those turbines work, can still work on a smaller scale so you can benefit from this technology at home.

Turbines come in various sizes and even different shapes. They can be small enough to mount on your roof top.

It is important to remember that one turbine won’t be enough to generate all the electricity you need. If you want to completely get off the grid you will need more than one turbine.

If you want to install a turbine in your yard just remember that you will need to have an open space so the wind will be unobstructed.

If you have trees, or other obstacles, you can mount the turbine on your roof or on a strong column.

If order to build a turbine you will need to find a complete, easy to follow manual. Make sure whatever manual you buy has a complete parts list and is easy to follow and understand.

The parts you need will only cost around $200 and you can find them in your local home improvement or hardware store.

Most people will see a savings of up to 80% on there electric bills.

So, the bottom line is that if you want to use wind energy to save on your utility bills now is a great time. You can easily build your own turbine for a few hundred dollars while saving thousands of dollars on your utility costs.

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